Staying Up Late



I stayed up late to play GW2 when the servers first came online. As promised, they got them up 3 hours ahead of time, so I began making characters at midnight EDT.

I turned 30 this year. I haven’t pulled an all nighter in years and I haven’t been to a midnight opening in prolly as long. It was fun to brew coffee and jump into the game at the first possible moment.

I won’t be able to play for extended periods of time until this time next week when internship is finished. I still need to find a job and finish my dissertation, so it’s not like I have all kinds of free time. Still, I want to write a longer post about my thoughts so far. That will come some time next week or so. Some things have been great, some slightly disappointing, and some are just, well, they’ll take some getting used to.

For now, I’m going to call it a night. I got Belzan up to level 12 today, completed all of Rata Sum, and got to play around with crafting a little bit.

I hope you enjoy the headstart access! More to come later!