One of the first NPCs I met in GW, I was curious about his story after the man who helped me in Pre-Searing by teaching me new Necromancer skills, turned on me in Post-Searing Yak’s Bend. All necromancers are evil though, so I guess he can’t be blamed…

I chose to write Verata into Belzan’s story when I reached Lion’s Arch and ventured into Kessex Peaks to find many of his cultists. Apparently he and his cult posed quite a threat to Tyria, though it was clearly shadowed by the game plotline.

I wrote this enigmatic character into my story as Belzan’s Master when he arrived in Ascalon. I wanted to fill in some gaps in the ambiguity that was Verata’s story. My take on things has Verata in search of power and beholden to Grenth. He seeks to overrun Tyria with his minions and rule on high as their master. Anyone who opposes him will die at the hands of his minions and soon become one of them. I played off of ANet’s plotline by having him experiment on people to create stronger, longer lasting minions. In Chronicles of the Eremite, I consider Verata to be Belzan’s nemesis. Both seek to be powerful Necromancers and each stands in the other’s way. This plays out in CotE.

Sadly, like many of the characters in GW, Verata’s story is short and wide open. I’d hoped, with the addition of the Eye of the North expansion that we would hear a bit more about him, but I guess not. And so, his story lives on as I tell mine.

“Verata? He taught me much and then betrayed me. He murdered many innocent people in Ascalon, threatened my friends and terrorizes my homeland. I have a great respect for his ability, but he is a cancer and, if left to his own devices, he will grow to consume Kryta, Ascalon and all of Tyria with his minions. He must be stopped.” -Belzan Furu