I’d like to fill people in a little bit on Belzan as he is now (at the conclusion of the Eye of the North Expansion). I’ll do my best not to give away much of the plot 🙂

Belzan is currently skeptical about religion in general. After personally seeing two deities fall and one rise, he sees the True Gods in a different light. His faith in Dwayna hasn’t been shattered, though the motives of all of the Gods are in question. After spending a great deal of time with the Asura and earning their respect the hard way, Belzan sees life clearly for the first time.

His ancestor, Belenos Furu, was a respected alchemist in Orr. He cared little for the will of the Gods, despite their clear presence in the city of Arah. The True Gods were to be respected, for they gave the humans their magic. But alchemy is something that comes from the land and from within. Alchemy was a gift the humans gave themselves, without the permission of the Gods.

It was his knowledge of Alchemy that earned Belzan the respect of the Asura. They cared not for religion, seeing it as merely a facet of something greater; something all encompassing –Eternal Alchemy. Belzan adopted the ideals of the Asura and, for the first time in his life, he felt harmony. He could see that everything had its place in the grand scheme of things and that life was a complex equation. Belzan learned from the Asura how to harness and enhance his powers. He earned a name for himself among the Asura: The Bookah Magus.

Belzan continues to explore his abilities, as the Asura taught him, branching out into other schools of magic such as illusion, restoration and the elements. He seeks to inform others of the visions from the scrying pool and to prepare them for a future threat that will change the face of Tyria. Though his methods may have changed, Belzan still seeks to protect those he cares for, no matter the cost.