I’ve been making progress on my blog lately by adding some things behind the scenes and making it look nice and presentable. I’m working on adding my Fan Fiction to the site as well, but that may take some time. What I like about this blog is that I can do things here that I can’t do on other sites (I’m kind of a forum troll in my spare time).

I have added a couple page tags to the blog and I intend to add some more. The first tag gives a brief description of Belzan, his history and aspirations. This is very brief in comparison to the Fan Fic. It also lists my progress on in-game title, which is really more for me anyway. I have also added a page that talks about Guild Wars for those of you who peruse my page and are like “what is that crazy guy talking about?”

Finally, I have a “Characters” page in the works where I will be presenting a brief bio of characters that appear in Chronicles of the Eremite. Some of these characters are my alternates in-game, while others are characters created and played by friends, guild members and allies. I will prolly do a bio on NPCs (non-player characters) as well for a bit of flavor. I’d love to use this as a springboard for people to post bios of their characters.

Food for thought.