I have taken a nice chunk out of my skill capping title for Elona this week.  I am down to needing only 16 skills to get my title (the rest are in the Realm of Torment–save the worst for last).  Thanks to an agreement with a guildie, I have been able to purchase the last cap sigs I will need to finish out both Elona and Cantha (89 skills in total I believe).

I sadly did not get to take full advantage of the vanquishing weekend.  I was able to vanquish Dalada Uplands for a cool 3k xp and gold, but my goal of finishing off vanquishing all of Eye of the North (need Grothmar and 4 Asura areas) was not met this weekend.

In other news, I’ve learned of a vanquishing build from an ally that is comparable to Sabway.  His version involves 2 MM and a hybrid monk (I think).  I’ll post more about Sabway (including my usual variations) and Dwarfway (my name for the build suggested to me) in a future post.