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I capped the last of my Elites in Elona. It really felt like I was vanquishing. I was using Aylee Sedai’s MappingOut tool (added to my list on the right) to keep track of my capped skills and the tool said I had capped 141 skills, while GW said I had capped only 140 (I hate that part of vanquishing where you have to go hunt down the last group).

Anyway, it turned out to be a Necro skill that I overlooked (funny b/c I’m a Necro). Toxic Chill turned out to be the skill I missed.

A word of advice to people working toward the Skill Hunter titles, Cap all of the Core skills first so that you can better track what skills you still need for each campaign (core skills count for each campaign). Using MappingOut helps you to locate and check off the skills you cap. From there, the method I used was clearing out one explorable area at a time. Also, try to cap skills from bosses that consistently spawn or that are available outside of a mission (not all are) as this gives you more control over capping. I’ve used a Spoiled Victor 55 build to cap some bosses (added bonus of increased green drop), but for most of the elites I used SABway and Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support with Barbs.

I need 2 more titles for “People Know Me.” I’m going to work on capping the rest of my skills for now (which will get me 2 ranks) but I may end up finishing Canthan Guardian if I can get a group together to do missions. After Skill Hunter and Guardian I’ll prolly spend some time in Eye of the North. I still haven’t done all of the dungeons and I want to get my “of the North” title up a few ranks. I have only 5 areas to vanquish in EotN (which means most of the map is unfogged) and I plan on doing all of the missions and dungeons to work up the rest of my allegiance ranks (by turning in books).

That’s enough rambling for one night I guess.