My current line up for Vanquishing is a variant of SABway (see link under “Sites of Interest.” Since I am a Necro Primary, I cover the SS build and run the JaggedMM and WoR builds as well as a general mesmer interrupter.

But first! What are SABway and Dwarfway?

SABway is a 3 hero build consisting of 3 Necroes. The first Necro is a N/Rt that uses Weapon of Remedy, spot heals and partywide healing. In addition, this Necro uses weapon skills which can’t be stripped. The second Necro is a Minion Master with Jagged Bones and Death Nova for long lasting minions and spike damage from minion deaths. In addition, the second Necro doubles as a general Prot Monk with Aegis and Protective Spirit. The third Necro functions as a Spiteful Spirit curse Necro with some enchant removal. The SS Necro can remove conditions for all within earshot and the WoR Necro removes conditions and hexes.

Dwarfway is also a 3 hero build. This build consists of 2 MMs and a Healing Monk. This build shines due to the vast number of minions coupled with frequent spike damage from Death Novas (when minions die) and Putrid Bile/Explosions. The Monk takes care of healing with quick cast times and strong/cheap heals, while removing conditions and hexes. The Paragon secondaries provide defense (from the use of Command req shields) and allow for minions to move quickly and crit more frequently.

Rather than reprint SABway here, I’ll show you my variant.

Belzan SABway variant:

Player Necro (12+4 curses; 12+1 SR)

  • Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
  • Spiteful Spirit
  • Enfeebling Blood
  • Barbs
  • Mark of Pain
  • Desecrate Enchants
  • Defile Enchants
  • Rez

I use the Sin + Barbs to spike targets such as Monks or bosses. He also serves as a distraction while my minions move into battle. Barbs + Mark of Pain + minions = lots of bonus damage. Minions focus on one target frequently which will quickly overwhelm the enemy monk (if it isn’t already dead). SS, Mark of Pain and Desecrate/Defile Enchants all do nice AoE damage. Enfeebling Blood is good for cutting down damage. It is an AoE condition that weakens foes, which I frequently use when a melee foe makes his way to the backline.

Jagged MM Variant (12+4 death; 9+1 SR; 9 prot)

  • Jagged Bones
  • Death Nova
  • Animate Bone Minions
  • Animate Bone Fiend/Extinguish/Remove Hex
  • Blood of the Master
  • Prot Spirit
  • Aegis
  • SoLS

Based on an older version of SAB’s build, I use Extinguish for nice condition removal in condition heavy areas. SAB’s current version has Remove Hex which is often more useful. I like to use Bone Fiends for their range and attack rate, though they tend to clump together so I opt for other minions in areas heavy in Elementalist foes. Energy isn’t an issue with SoLS.

MoR Mes (12+3 FC; 9+2 dom; 9 insp; 3 heal)

  • Mantra of Recovery
  • Power Return
  • Power Spike
  • Cry of Frustration
  • Power Drain
  • Drain Enchantment
  • Remove Hex
  • Rez Chant

I like having interrupts in my group. The Mesmer serves as a strong interrupt source and quick rez, as well as hex removal and foe enchant removal. With a Fast Cast of 15 and an increased 33% recharge time on spells, this provides constant interrupt pressure on foes. I tend to lock this hero on to a troublesome caster such as an Ele or Necro.

I generally run SAB’s WoR hero as is. Why mess with success?

This build has been successful for me many times and it is essentially the same build I used to vanquish all of Ascalon in one sitting.

Now, Dwarfway works in theory. I haven’t run this build yet (it was recommended by an ally Toffin the Dwarf) because I don’t have the hardware. I’m told I should run it with a Caster Spear (+5 energy and +5 defense or +7 vs physical…I added a barbed mod for increased bleeding from minions) and a r9 Command Shield (+16 armor and “riddle of steel”inscription for +10 armor vs slashing) on all 3 heroes. Slashing damage is one of the most common forms of non-elemental damage encountered. Against a Warrior or Assassin, these heroes have between +21 to +33 armor.

Dwarf MM 1 (12+4 death; 9+1 SR; 9 command; 3 blood)

  • Jagged
  • Shambling
  • Bone Minions
  • Putrid Explosion
  • Putrid Bile
  • Dark Bond
  • BotM
  • “Fall Back”

Ok, minions are self explanatory. Putrid Explosion/Bile deal AoE damage for spikes (usually in the middle of the foes). “Fall Back” is a speed buff for the party and the minions. Pretty simple build really. The downside of this build, in my opinion, is that it puts the hero into a hexer position by casting hexes on foes (making them a target). The increased armor should offset this danger however. Dark Bond helps by transferring damage to minions (thereby causing them to explode with Death Nova).

Dwarf MM 2 (12+4 death; 9+1 SR; 9 command; 3 blood)

  • Jagged
  • Shambling
  • Bone Minions
  • BotM
  • Death Nova
  • Putrid Bile
  • Dark Bond
  • “Go for the Eyes”

Pretty much the same as above. Death Nova and Putrid Bile provide AoE damage. “Go for the Eyes” increases the crit rate of minions as well as party members. More damage is always good.

Dwarf Monk (12+4 healing; 9+1 DF; 9 command)

  • Dwayna’s Kiss
  • Words of Comfort
  • Word of Healing
  • Healing Ribbon
  • Cure Hex
  • Healing Touch
  • Holy Haste
  • Rez Chant

Pretty straightforward really. Lots of fast and cheap healing with hex and condition removal. Enough said!

My third hero spot fluxuates. I usually run myself as SS and include both the WoR and JagMM heroes. From there I can add whatever is needed for the area. Frequent additions include an interrupt Mesmer, a hybrid or full prot Monk, a solid tank/damage dealer (usually Dervish or Warrior), a spirit spammer (offensive or defensive), a N/R Beastmaster with Flesh Golem, an Icy Veins spike Necro (Death Magic–AoE damage upon foe’s death), and a Nuker. Having the third slot open helps when using this build for Missions/Quests that require a specific hero.

Hope that helps!