It is official, People Know Me. I finished capping all of my elites tonight with the last one being Shatter Storm. I really got methodical about the whole thing. I moved quickly into an area, tracked down the boss, slayed him/her/it, capped, and moved on. One explorable area (and some missions) after the other.

The saddest part about the Legendary Skill Hunter title is its usefulness. Now granted, all of my heroes have access to all of the elites, but when will I put them to use on my character? What use does a Necromancer have for an elite in the Strength attribute? Still, I really enjoyed working on this title and it has been by far my favorite so far.

I think my favorite part about the People Know Me title is the Rainbow Phoenix. I’ve wanted this pet for a while now. In order to get it you must have attained People Know Me (max out 10 titles) and enter your Hall of Monuments alone. You can charm it from there, but it is only 5th level. Still, it is a very large pet to begin with and it is supposed to be even bigger once it evolves. I’ve written it into my story (more toward the end than where it is currently) so I can’t wait to get that part posted.

From here, I will finish out my Legendary Guardian title by doing the rest of the Elonian Missions in HM. I will then alternate between EotN and Vanquishing/Mapping (planning on doing those simultaneously). All of my EotN titles will come from simply doing the missions and turning in the books. I have but 5 areas left to vanquish and map for EotN.

So that is that. 🙂