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Lately I’ve been running a Curses bar. I made Belzan long ago to be a Minion Master (based off of an old character from Diablo II). I continue to enjoy Minion Mastery, but as of late I’ve been using the Sabway build and filling the role of the Curses Necro. I do it a tad bit differently.

Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support
Spiteful Spirit (though more recently Feast of Corruption)
Pain Inverter
Enfeebling Blood
Weaken Armor
Mark of Pain

Why this build you say?  A number of reasons.

EVAS works well to draw aggro and, combined with Barbs or MoP, does some nice spike damage.  SS is a given for nice AoE damage, but I’ve been using FoC for 100+ AoE damage (in conjunction with an area hex such as Shadow of Fear or Reckless Haste).  Pain Inverter does a lot of damage to a single foe and I use it to quickly take down troublesome foes such as barrage rangers, dervishes and axe warriors.  EB and WA I’ve been using to weaken foes.  They have an area of effect (not very large mind you) and provide nice conditions to foes (weaken and cracked armor respectively).  Thanks ANet for the boost to Weaken Armor!  Finally, Barbs and MoP are excellent sources of damage in conjunction with minions.  I love to see the number 42 appear on my screen from MoP.  In fact, it is more like a parade with so many 42’s, 37’s and 17’s on my screen 🙂

I have to say, despite its effectiveness, I am flat tired of Spiteful Spirit.  I’m considering trying out a blood magic build for a bit and letting Master of Whispers take over the SS carnage.  I haven’t done much with Blood Magic lately and I think it is time for a change.

*wanders off to check PvX wiki for some blood magic builds*