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Not one day after I post my build (the one I’m really enjoying) does ANet go and change the pivotal skill. No longer does Angorodon’s Gaze steal lots of health and make for an excellent spike when echoed. Here is the change:

Angorodon’s Gaze: decreased Energy cost to 5; decreased Health stolen to 10..40; decreased Energy gained to 1..9.

It is now effectively free to cast this spell and it will often return energy, however, it does not do as well with the steal/damage. In addition, it isn’t viable to echo this skill as much as before. Still it is nice to have on the bar.

Side note: If you’re ok with the “up-close-and-personal” Blood Mage, then this skill now works well in conjunction with Vampiric Spirit as the life steal is increased and you are still essentially casting the spell for free. Likewise, this has better cooperation with the many condition transferring skills since you’re going to be a conditions magnet anyway.

*off to do more playtesting*