Ok, a few updates. I Vanquished the rest of GW:EN and finished mapping it as well. I’ve bumped my second allegiance title over r8 (hard mode only from now on) and now I’m Not too Lazy. Despite my previous post, I used the same SS PvE build I’ve been using for these 3 vanquished areas…. SS, EVSinSupp., PainInverter, Enf.Blood, WeakArm, Barbs, MoP, rez. I wanted to do all 3 areas tonight so I went with simple.

Additionally, in unrelated news, I have stepped down as writer from GW Vault due to a RL busy schedule. As such, I’ve opened up Chronicles here on my blog for everyone to read. I’ll add to it when I can.

That’s about it for now. Off to bed.