I attained Legendary Master of the North tonight! I still have 1 more Dungeon to do in HM (Vloxen) but I had enough points to put me over the top. I’m now at 14 max titles.

My other 4 EotN titles (Norn, Ebon Vanguard, Asura and Dwarf) are close as well. Norn is within 6k and the others are between 43k and 60k. Vloxen will boost my Dwarf rep and Norn will work itself out. I’ll prolly use my HM book on Asura and get a HM Mission book to mop up Ebon Vanguard. I’ve toyed with using a hero to raptor farm, but I haven’t given it more than a thought. That’d be a nice way to get meager drops and polish off my Asura title.

From here, it’s on to Vanquishing full time. I’ll be mapping at the same time and slowly raising my lucky, treasure hunter and wisdom titles.

That’s all for now.