I’ve been playing around with a build lately that I really enjoy. It is based around Vampiric Spirit.

Air of Superiority (Asura) Vamp Spirit, Vamp Gaze, Angorodon’s Gaze, Blood of the Aggressor, Foul Feast, Optional (I use Sig. Lost Souls, Well of Blood or a condition transfer skill for this spot), Rez.

It works out pretty well. I wear armor with Purity, Recovery and Restoration runes (decrease condition durations). This, a condition transfer skill (like Plague Sending) and the 20% chance of Air of Superiority removing all of my conditions allows me to keep energy up (Angorodon’s Gaze) and remove conditions from the party.

The 4 Life Steal skills are the main damage sources. I’ll assume you know how to point and click 🙂 Additionally, Vampiric Spirit provides nice regen to offset any degen you suffer from hexes or, more importantly, the conditions you are pulling from your allies.

It doesn’t kick out a lot of damage, but the damage is consistent. You handle most of your own healing and take some of the pressure off of the monk with condition removal. It’s a fun build to play. I vanquished a couple of areas using it the other day.