I added two more titles to my character today. After finishing up yet another HM Hero’s Handbook I was able to acquire enough points to put me over the top on my Ebon Vanguard title. Shortly thereafter, I joined a PUG (Pick Up Group) and did a Norn Farming Run to acquire the last of the points I needed for Norn.

This puts me up to 17 maxed titles. I plan on doing Snowman runs and helping people in HM dungeons until I reach my r10 Deldrimor (55k to go).

From there it is back to vanquishing and mapping. Charmaine (my Ele) is moving through Nightfall at the moment capping elites. I plan to take her to EotN to do some farming. I’m going to need lots of golds to identify, lots of gold to buy lockpicks and, well, lots of stuff generally. I’m opening every chest I see but my picks are disappearing faster than I can buy them. Perhaps I should open more normal mode chests and make good use of my 55% retention rate rather than my 25% rate in hard mode.

Next stop, Deldrimor and one campaign vanquished & mapped for 20 titles and Many Leather-Bound Books