I earned Legendary Delver this weekend polishing off the rest of my EotN titles (thank you EotN title weekend). I did a few CoF runs for cash and deldrimor points, but it was less than efficient and the groups were less than effective. I then turned my sights to slaughtering snowmen. This worked much more quickly. I found a group with a permasin and everything looked up from there.

I am 2 titles away from I have many leatherbound books. I’m not sure at this time which 2 titles those will be, or when I’ll earn them. I’m trying to farm to get more lockpicks so I can do chest runs. I have about 1/2 as much alcohol as I’ll need for Incorrigable Ale Hound and I should have what I need by Christmas. Throwing my focus into vanquishing/mapping will move things along at a steady pace. That is prolly the way to go.

I’ve been playing a N/Rt build as of late that focuses on healing. I’ll post more on that when I find time.

That’s it for now.