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I have neglected my story. Grad school is a busy time and thus I have placed my priorities there rather than here. I have a lot of Belzan’s story left to tell and I will be adding to it periodically. I’m considering revisiting Chronicles entirely and, in light of the new transition in GW with the War of Kryta, I want to write Belzan’s story more from his perspective and include his thoughts on all the goings on.

As such, I see the future of this blog being more of a character journal. Few people care about the progress of my titles other than me, though I’ll continue to update them here. I’ll write more background stories, perhaps more in the form of short stories rather than a longitudinal progression, and include a time line somewhere just to keep track of things. Really, all of the writing is up in the air at the moment and I’m giving lots of thought to its overall future. Continue the story? Write episodic short stories? Write only a blog? We shall see. For now I’m content on writing journal entries and seeing  how that goes.