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I’ve been giving it some thought. While I have planned on carrying Belzan over into GW2, there are some things to consider. I haven’t written out his story explaining how he managed to live that long (and don’t want to spoil it here) but indeed the Belzan that I will play and write about in GW2 will be the same Belzan as in GW. Here are some things I’m considering changing:

  • Profession. Most likely I will be making him an Elementalist instead of a Necromancer. As his story has progressed, his mastery over magic has expanded past his strength in necromancy. I’m not sure Ele will be his future profession, however, as there are 6 other professions that have yet to be discussed. He would also fit pretty well into a summoning type profession or one that focuses on creating items or using environmental weapons.
  • I’ve considered making Belzan a Sylvari as a way of making him “reborn,” but I like a lot of the options offered for Humans, especially considering I can make him Krytan and the rumors that his hometown (Beetletun) still stands. So, there is an outside chance I’ll make him Sylvari, but that ship may also have sailed.
  • I’m still toying with his morality. He has always been a solidly gray character and tends to use necromancy to aid others. I haven’t yet written out what happens to him in the 250 years between GW and GW2, so it could vary quite a bit the type of character he is when I write him for GW2. I have a feeling he will be wiser and more jaded, but I haven’t seriously considered why.

That is it for now. I’m recreating him in my head as more lore and more GW2 info is released. I’ll write more as I learn more and as I get further along in my dissertation to be able to devote some time to him.