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There has been a lot of discussion on GW2 Guru lately about role-playing (RP) in GW2. The July 19 episode (episode 6) of the Relics of Orr podcast talks about this a bit as well. I’ve always been a fan of RP and have played D&D and GURPS for years with friends. I joined an RP guild back in the day (Forever Knights) that afforded me plenty of opportunities to not only RP in game, but write character stories on forums. It really was the start of Chronicles of the Eremite.

The discussion on the forums is based around whether or not there will be an RP server for people to join. I kind of like this idea, but it has its flaws, including trolls and people coming in and griefing people who are in character. Additionally, everyone has their own RP system and set of rules. Some groups have “no evil characters” while some have “no fighting other characters without permission,” etc. Additionally, text-based RPing has different components. Some use (()) do identify in character text, others use <<>> or :: ::.

GW1 wasn’t really set up for RPing. This is discussed in the aforementioned podcast. PvE was kind of seen as a practice area for PvP and ANet eventually realized how much of a player base there was for PvE. In my opinion, this is why the personal stories are being emphasized in GW2. It is my hope, and the hope of several other GW players, that GW2 will be more RP friendly. There is a lot of speculation about if and how they will achieve an RP friendly game. I think allowing players to have different characters in different guilds is a good start. For me, I think at least one of my characters will be involved in an RP guild. I would love the opportunity to freely RP with people in cities and during dynamic events. It would be fun 🙂