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I vanquished my last 4 Canthan areas and 1 Elonian area tonight, earning my Canthan Vanquisher title. I have added all of the areas remaining to the Belzan Tab. I plan on knocking out Elona region by region starting with the Desolation. I’m on sporadically so I’m not sure when I’ll do my next run. Ruptured Heart is next.

After I complete Legendary Vanquisher (47 more regions at the time of this post), I will have 27 titles. I’ve given some thought to which one’s I’ll work on next. Party and Sweets sound logical and are likely the most achievable. After that, it’s a toss up. I’ll prolly alternate between vanquishing in Kurzick areas for faction and running with Kilroy for chests/golds/lucky. Really, any/all of those titles are beneficial. I think, rather than spending all my money on sweets/party, I’ll buy lockpicks and open chests. I want the Wisdom title, but I’m aware of how expensive that one is. I’m likely to get both my chests and lucky titles while I work on that one. Ha. That’s my new plan. Chest runs with Kilroy for 3 titles. Sweets and Party will happen on their own.

Glad that problem is solved 🙂