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Gamescom, Gamescom, Gamescom. Every GW and GW2 blog you read and 99% of the content over at GW2Guru is about Gamescom and gameplay and the necro. I’ll prolly comment on that a bit after the tide rolls out a bit. For now, I wanted to talk a bit about Guild Wars Beyond (GWB).

I just listened to the miniepisode of Relics of Orr podcast (10.5). The interview was with John Stumme and lots of questions regarding Guild Wars Awesome (or Classic or Original or Guild Wars 1 or whatever you wanna call it). A couple of things I really liked was the future of GWB. War in Kryta will be wrapped up and we will turn our sights over to Cantha for more content. I’m a big fan of lore and I think GWB is a great way to take part in lore and the world of GW as it grows and changes toward GW2.

Another thing discussed that I thought was really interesting was that Stumme and the other designers are revisiting Heroes (8:45 in the podcast). There is talk of allowing >3 heroes for groups.  (Yay!). There are lots of reasons that this is enjoyable and Stumme talks about reasons for this argument. Heroes aren’t an issue for HoH anymore and Henchmen just don’t cut it, as we’ve seen in War in Kryta. Stumme also provides a teaser for something else they are considering with heroes.

So yeah, there are pros and cons to a party full of heroes. I think it will enhance solo play and will complement the drop off of available players when GW2 launches. It helps to allow friends to quickly group together and move out. I’m currently playing on occasion with a friend who is further behind me and doesn’t have access to heroes, so I group with him and bring my 3 heroes, and it leaves 3 open spots for those sub-par henchies. I’m helping him explore content, but we’re a bit bogged down by henchies.

Plus, I enjoy brainstorming hero builds and how they will work. Considering 8 skill bars over 4 is attractive. I am also very aware of how much this will turn PvE, and even Hard Mode, into both cruise control and “meh mode.” I have 37 more areas to vanquish and that would be a lot more fun with 7 heroes, rather than 3. Sabway and Discordway already make it easy, but I find it difficult to find groups to do elite areas (FoW, UW, and DoA–the last of which I still haven’t completed). Take home message is that I’m pro-hero revision in GW1.