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Asura Necro Concept Art

So, ANet just released the necromancer info. Most of it was stuff we already gleaned form Gamescom. Additionally, the videos were leaked to Youtube a few days ago, so a lot of people, including me, saw them before the formal release today. Some questions answered:

  • The concept art of the asura from the Manifesto Video (then wielding a sword with a blue background) was indeed the necro concept art. This should temper speculation about future professions based on concept art.
  • Necros will indeed use staves (we pretty much assumed that) in addition to all of the weapons showcased at Gamescom.
  • Marks appear to be some sort of combination of ranger traps and necro wells. They are area targeted and will trigger on their own or by activating the skill again. I like it. They also appear to have both enemy damaging and ally benefiting mechanics, as per the Mark of Blood example. These go great with…
  • Fear. Fear is a condition unique to necros. It causes foes to run away from the necromancer, as seen in the doom video. This is great for use in conjunction with area targeted spells/skills such as poison cloud, ranger traps, and fire walls. Just put your foe between you and the trap, cast Doom, and they’ll run away from you right into the trap. Brilliant!
  • Life Force. This is the stuff that allows you to use your death shroud. We already knew that you accrue it by being in proximity to dieing foes (a la Soul Reaping from GW1), and we knew that some skills would help you acquire more, but this release says that, more or less, you’ll always have a skill on your bar that will help you to make this green bar go up.

I have to say, after seeing the videos again and in HD, I can honestly say the necromancer is both creepy and menacing. The charr looked downright scary and watching the Bone Minions + Putrid Explosion video presented a very raw character that truly looked and felt like an agent of death and darkness. Minions are minions–hunks of flesh and bone that act as cannon fodder–but watching the little bone minion cower before it exploded really sold me on necromancers being the bad boys of GW.