This week seems to be the week of Logan Thackeray. For me, I know much more about this character because I just finished Edge of Destiny. For everyone who hasn’t read the book, we learn more about his profession, guardian, today.

I have given some thought to writing a critique of the book or perhaps writing speculation about the guardian profession, but what I write wouldn’t hold a candle to what has already been written within the community. Truly, the bases have been covered and covered well by Hunter, KTR, and GW2Guru.

Instead, I will offer a critique of Logan himself.


Logan Thackeray

Logan, as you may know, is one of the heroes of the adventuring group Destiny’s Edge. From what we’ve seen in the videos so far, he is a militaristic man who is devoted to his country and his queen. He wields a sword and shield in the game, but in the book he wields a hammer. He is a commanding officer of the Seraph and is of the guardian profession.

In the book he is more brash and borders on playful. He is an excellent tactician and a patriot, but he is more than willing to find an ally in the time of battle. I felt that the camaraderie and infighting between him and Rytlock really spoke to his personality. I see him, in the book, as a man who fights for his country and for those who are at risk, regardless of what danger he may encounter. He does what is necessary for victory, within reason, and discards the seriousness of a soldier on occasion. I think that this defines him as human. He is a man with values and morals and also flaws.

Preceding the conclusion of the book, when he answers the call of his queen, I began to see a Logan that I do not like. Perhaps it is because I came to enjoy his banter and his slightly chaotic and playful personality, or perhaps it is because I disagree with his decision. It is hard to say. Suffice it to say, I liked Logan more before the conclusion of the book and I’m not sure if I will like him as a character in GW2 based on what I have seen.

I understand his actions, I really do. He made an oath and bond to his queen and she was indeed in dire need. But, as a scout and mercenary, I think he chose poorly. He made a rash decision based on emotion rather than logic (again, he’s human). I truly believe his coming to the queen’s aid was less about duty and more about his feelings for her, as there is clearly romantic interest between the two of them. Actions have consequences and, while he was able to save the queen, his actions still cost him two companions and the opportunity to slay one of the elder dragons. In the grand scheme of things, one slain elder dragon is worth 100 Krytan queens.

Logan the Guardian

I feel betrayed by Logan for his actions, as I’m sure the rest of Destiny’s Edge does. He was rewarded for his actions by the queen by taking up his brother’s sword and his brother’s job, which he scoffed at before. He is a shadow of the Logan I came to love in the book. He is essentially a knight to his queen, but I feel like he has lost a great deal of who he was. I hope he is portrayed as more than simply a high-ranking soldier in service of his queen and I hope that, throughout the game, we will begin to see glimpses of the “old Logan,” or “Hammer Logan” as I’ve started calling him.

I have faith that Logan will be a memorable character in GW2. He is complex and struggles with guilt about his past. He seeks to redeem himself and perhaps make amends for the consequences of his decision. I look forward to getting to know him better and interacting with him in game.

So that’s my 2 coin on Logan Thackeray. I’m angry at him for betraying his group in their time of need and angry at him for letting Glint and Snaff die in vain. I’m angry at him for proving Rytlock right and for being selfish. I am of the opinion that, not only does Logan have to make amends to Destiny’s Edge for his actions, but he also needs to make amends to me. Props to Bob King for getting me this emotionally invested in his characters.