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The guardian was revealed today, as promised. There is a lot of information about it on a number of other sites and blogs here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here (forgive me if I missed one or two or half-dozen reviews). After a dearth of ooey gooey GW2 info goodness, we are blessed with a new profession and lots of answered questions about it. And still, after reading all of the reviews I could find, I (and I’m sure many of you) still have lots of questions about it.

I’m assuming you’ve read at least one article about the guardian by now. I’m also assuming you know what a Blue Mace Lady (BML) or Blue Mace Dude (BMD) is. If none of this is ringing a bell, please click on any of the links above and get better acquainted with the profession of Logan Thackeray.

Blue Mace Lady

I must say I am impressed by this new profession. There was a lot of discussion leading up to what it would ultimately be, but I like the result. I’ve called it paragon 2.0 and monk 2.0 in the past, but it truly has aspects of several GW professions, including ritualist. I am actually very excited about the Spirit Weapons and how much they function like GW1 spirits. A lot of people are comparing them to rit’s weapon spells, but I honestly see them more as spirits or minions, at least as far as functionality is concerned.

I am also very excited about the crowd control capability of this profession. It functions a lot like a necromancer through strategic use of offensive and defensive spells that frequently do little more than upset a foe’s tactics. Wards are great for this. What can I say, I like a tactical profession.

I’m not sure who won the bet on the unique quality of the guardian. Someone was talking about stances and I’d love to give him/her credit for coming the closest (to my knowledge) of predicting it. Virtues are what separate a guardian from others. I think they are great because they are natural buffs that help with solo play and they are party buffs/boons/etc that do not take up a skill slot. I think we will see that, while on paper (on screen?) these appear to be weak or have long cool downs, but in practice they will be more helpful than we think. It’s like carrying a 10% mod on a weapon in GW. You equip it and it helps you in the background.

I plan on making a charr guardian character.

Overall, I’m happy with this new profession. It has aspects of several GW professions that I have had less experience playing, but it is also a strong melee character in its own right. I like the crowd control ability of this profession and its similarities to the GW ele/necro regarding wards, wells, and symbols. I’m also very excited to explore the two-handed melee combat possibilities and like how much this profession is a cross between melee and caster. It is a nice blend for my taste.

I’m curious about how the monk/paragon/ritualist became the guardian as far as lore is concerned. Perhaps I’ll explore this idea in another post.