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Kryta has been vanquished! Verata, as I expected, gave me the most trouble due to the sheer quantity of bad guys. I kept with my Thackeray/Gwen/Livia Shining Blade team for the rest of Kryta and they served me well.

All that remains are areas in Maguuma Jungle and Crystal Desert. Twelve in total, but I’m planning on doubling up on a couple of them. Onto the plan.

I’ve been looking over PvX and coming up with some builds for vanquishing with other hero trios. I have also been outfitting my heroes and now I’m out of plat 😦 Yes, I know, heroes can share (and that’s exactly what I plan on doing with Major Vigor runes), but I want to outfit them all because, frankly, they deserve it.

I will report back my progress one hero trio at a time and post builds and pics.