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Character creation is one of my favorite parts of gaming. From D&D to GURPS to Guild Wars, I like taking the time to create my characters and write their stories. I posted a brief story for one of my GW2 characters on a recent Talk Tyria article.

Currently, I’m working on my 8 characters for GW2 (yup, still a dork). I’m posting because I’m on the fence at the moment about one of these characters and I’m hoping my vast readership might be able to offer some insight. It’s a little funny that my “frustration” is focused around a profession that has yet to be revealed.

GW2 Assassin?

All of the other professions (and unpublished professions) are spoken for except for the as-yet-to-be-revealed assassin/rogue/stalker/stealthy type. I’m stuck between  one of three races: charr, norn, and asura. All of them would be female characters (I already have males for each race). Here are my thoughts:


A Yoda-like, dagger wielding, squirrel on speed. Enticing indeed.
I could even come up with a really cool name for her. She is third on my list. In part due to the draw of the other two races and in part due to the fact that I already have an asura in medium armor. What can I say, I like how my characters look.


My norn assassin (for simplicity sake, lets stick with sin) would be Snow Leopard Totem. It seems like a great option. Snow Leopard is sneaky and assassins are sneaky. For roleplaying purposes, it’s a great fit and it’d be fun to play. A solo-style character seeking to make a name for herself as an assassin or mercenary. People would fear and respect her, and Snow Leopard would be proud.


Seems to be the best fit. Norn Snow Leopard is “pretending” to be a cat and shapeshifting into a cat, but charr is a cat! Similar play style, though I’d prolly make her a gladium so she is more isolated. I like the stalker feel of this character and I’m sure I’d make her Ash Legion.

Thanks to the norn update last week, I’m (currently) more interested in the norn race than charr (call me human). I like the look and feel of the charr race, but I’m more interested in the roleplayability of the norn. Plus, the motivation of a norn sin is very different from that of a charr sin, and I like the norn motivation better.

Right now I’m leaning toward charr just a little bit more than norn. Maybe because it’s hard to imagine a 9 foot tall assassin. Thoughts? Opinions?