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Lots and lots and lots of updates about both GW and GW2. Where do I begin?

Ok, so GW got an epic update that will streamline PvE a great deal. Read about all of the specifics here. Highlights include Embark Beach, 7 hero parties, mercenary heroes, Pre-Searing upgrades, incentives for vanquishing, changes to the UI (including minion UI), and a second chance survivor title.

I’m pretty gosh darn happy about all of that. Especially the stuff that will help me vanquish. I’ve already played around with a full party of heroes and made most of my alts into mercenary heroes. It nearly brought a tear to my eye when I made a party with all of my characters. I’m gonna have fun with that. And I’m going to enjoy using my other characters as heroes for helping progress my other characters. Confused yet? Lemmie ‘splain.

So, PvE from here on out, for everyone playing GW, will be more accommodating. With full hero parties you will have more control over creating a balanced party for any occasion. If you have multiple characters you can use those as mercenary heroes in place of actual heroes (out of necessity or style–your choice). This will make early stages and leveling a bit easier.

Embark beach will be a great way to find other players to do missions. Honestly, this is a godsend given the inevitable dearth of players once GW2 comes out. Hunter discussed this briefly the other day as well. While this update looks and sounds fantastic right now, it will almost be a necessity for players once the sequel hits shelves.

And titles! Vanquishing is one of the best ways to earn the most titles simultaneously. And now there are incentives for vanquishing through Zaishen Vanquishing. Also, they’ve implemented a second-chance (my words) survivor title so those of us who created our main characters early on can get this title on them as well.

Pre-Searing got lots of fun stuff including regular quests and access to HoM. I may go back and make a character to get LDoA afterall.

Alrighty. On to GW2.


I’m pretty gosh darn…ok, that’s a tired phrase. How’s about: Woohoo!!!

This morning I heard about the leak and I was sad that the videos were taken down. I scoured the net for info. Five hours later, the ban lifted, I was a happy fan.

So, Thief. Dual pistols. Dual daggers. Dual swords. Shortbow. Stealth (good stealth, not bad stealth). Shadowstep. Thievery. What’s not to love? They’re still the glass cannon of the bunch, but MAN do they have style!

Ok, enough writing. Time to go vanquish some more areas with my hero squadron.