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So, I thought I’d have some fun with the new Mercenary Heroes. I first turned all of my alternate characters into heroes and had fun for a while, but then I read this line on the Guild Wars Wiki:

A quick way of creating mercenaries of any profession would be to create a PvP character (already at level 20), give them appropriate armor, and register them. Delete the PvP character and create a new one in the profession of choice. With enough mercenary credits, you can create up to seven mercenaries of each profession.

So basically, you can make pretty much how ever many of whatever you want. I decided to take this opportunity to make a clone army.

That's a lot of necroes!

I plan to take them vanquishing when I have enough money to equip them. For now they have no runes or insignia. I managed to get them all weapons at least. And I did take them out for a spin. I completed Vizunah Square in HM using the  2 Man Discordway build from PvXwiki. It could use a bit of tweaking, but otherwise it worked just fine. Vizunah isn’t really geared for Discordway so much as MM and AoE. But lemmie tell you, it was kinda cool being one player with 15 heroes/henchies, 2 NPCs, and about 25 minions. Those afflicted never saw us coming.