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I’ve been doing a bit of writing and a bit of reading lately. I’m keeping up with all the juicy morsels ANet keeps setting out in our food bowls. Yummy information. I haven’t had a lot of time to post lately because of RL commitments. Sorry folks. I’ve been thinking and creating, but haven’t had time to put it down on the computer.

I wanted to write a few posts about Role Playing. It’s been on my mind as of late and I’ve been giving thought to the creation of a guild for one of my characters. I’ve also been fleshing out my character stories in my head and working on a timeline for them between GW1 and GW2. I wanted to write about things to consider when creating a character, including values, goals, race chosen, profession, playstyle, etc…

…but someone beat me too it. And, really, did it better than I would have. And prolly reached a lot more readers.

The Guild Wars 2 RP Community has sprung up and made a home for RPers in GW2. The site offers lots of info about RPing including general guides and discussion about races and character creation. There is a forum I haven’t checked out yet and a list of GW and GW2 guilds (still growing). The forum includes The Elder Dragon Tavern which is a forum-based RP, which is something I have missed for a while now. Articles about RPing and a lore page that covers both individual character and guild-based lore rounds things out. Really, they did everything I had planned to do, but better and more socialized.

I know when I’ve been beaten 🙂

Anyway, go check the site out. I’ll prolly introduce myself there in a while. Also, check out some of the other sites linked there under Notable Resources and Fan Sites.

As it turns out, RP is on more minds that just mine. Izari posted an article on Talk Tyria discussing RP servers. I’m all for them and I know other games have done well including them, but I don’t believe they’re required. We RPers in GW have done just fine without them.

That’s all for now. I’m going to check out some RP sites and eventually get back to getting work done. I hope to spend more time blogging and playing GW real soon.