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You see what I did there? 🙂

Lots of major life stuff going on right now. Transitioning from grad student to predoctoral intern and moving halfway across the country while simultaneously collecting data for and writing my dissertation. I haven’t had much time to update anything or play much GW, as you can imagine.

But I have had time to do some thinking.

I’ve been pondering a way to tie GW Belzan to GW2 Belzan and I’ve been focusing mainly on the story I’ve already written (i.e., Chronicles of the Eremite). This has largely been unsuccessful.

It is the season of rewrites and reboots and all that fun stuff in comics, movies, and movies about comics. Everyone’s starting over. Why not me?

So here’s the plan. I’m working on an outline for a new background story. I’ll be overhauling the site over the next couple months and archiving Chronicles. It’ll still be on the site, but prolly not so prominently displayed. I’ve also done absolutely nothing with the Friends, Acquaintances, and Allies section, so I’ll prolly do away with it. The NPCs and alts pertain directly to my Chronicles storyline and the vast majority of other characters are friends who no longer play GW, so it’s difficult to acquire game pics and RP storylines from them.

I also haven’t had much time lately to talk about all the new stuff mentioned in GW2. I’m excited about the engineer (and, I called it, totally) and extremely excited about underwater combat. Dungeons are exactly what I expected them to be: GW1 transplanted to GW2. That being said, I’m ready to go kick some Ascalonian Ghosty ectoplasm (I’d usually say butt here, but I’m sure you can see how that word doesn’t really apply since they have no bodies).

I can’t wait for the mesmer to be released and I’m looking forward to reading about the asura (logically, these are what’s coming next). I’m ready to learn about PvP. It doesn’t really apply to me all that much, but it is something I can see myself having fun with. It’s basically one ENORMOUS dynamic event afterall.

That’s it for now. Look for Belzan related posts here in the future and get to reading Talk Tyria for interesting GW2 related articles. I’ll prolly have one or two posted there in a while as well.