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 A fæcce (fetch) is a creature whose purpose is to observe, protect, and record the life and welfare of their charge. A fæcce is…we are, spirits of a sort–familiars, companions, guardians, and psychopomps–we’ve been called many things. Everyone is assigned a fæcce, but only an extremely small number of people ever meet theirs. We work behind the scenes, subtly influencing, but never truly intervening. In the rare instances that we do appear to our charges, it is usually in the form of something significant and familiar to the person.

The people who do meet us are the troublemakers.

I took the initiative to introduce myself to Belzan on day one.

Belzan is my charge and I have been recording the events of his life for many, many years. I’ve chosen the form of a bird because Belzan is a bit of a free spirit, though lately I appear as a phoenix because, well, it’s a bit more appropriate. There are numerous legends, stories, rumors, etc about who he is and what he’s done. Some good, some bad, some…well, we’ll get to that. It is my intention this far into the game to share some of these stories with you. Afterall, he doesn’t keep good track of this sort of thing and he leaves out all kinds of details that are important.

So look forward to future posts where I tell his story in parts. I’ll be sure to post a timeline of sorts so you can keep track of it all. And who knows, maybe I’ll spice it up a bit and write from his perspective. What has been written, and I refer here to the Chronicles, is only part of the truth–one version, and really not all that accurate. It is a great story, and well written by him, but like any autobiography, it is biased, embellished, and leaves out those little details.

The man is nearly 300 years old. I’m sure you’ll find at least one story interesting. And who knows, maybe I’ll share the secret of his longevity with you. Won’t that alter your perspective of him.

Until then.

Sadun, the Fæcce