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After reading Hunter’s post and having a relatively lax weekend, I broke my ~ 6 month GW hiatus and started looking over my Hall of Monuments (HoM). I am currently at 40 points (got my last 4 minis tonight) and I have made a list of things to do (or acquire, as the case would be). Note: My hiatus was due to being busy in life, not due to burnout or what have you. I’m slowly working my way through Winds of Change as well–very slowly.

Hall of Monuments Progress:

I need 3 more titles for God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals and at the moment, the front runners are sweets, party, and prolly survivor. I have a drawn out plan for survivor of doing Factions missions for books since that, while time consuming and head-bangingly boring, will at least pay dividends in Kurzick faction and gold, as well as drops along the way.

I also need a PvP title for HoM. Now, I don’t have time to PvP and it’s not something I’m terribly excited about anyway, so I’ll prolly opt out and buy the Zaishen title for ~200 Z-Keys (or 178 at the moment). I’m really wishing I hadn’t sold all those keys back in the day.

That takes care of titles. The rest is going to be expensive (right, because sweets and party are both cheap!).

I need 2 sets of armor, including my obsidian set. That’s 60k per set. I already have all of the basic materials and I need 64 more ecto before I can go ahead and purchase it. Once I get those ecto, I plan on buying both sets and crossing them off my list. I think I’m going to go with Elite Canthan for the other one.

Finally, there’s the monument of valor. This is what is going to take the longest and be the most expensive. Of the 15 weapons required to max this out, I have 4. I’m torn on this one though. On the one hand, I want to continue to get the weapons I use (i.e., staves, scepters, and foci) and get one of each variety like I have with staves (i.e., destroyer, oppressor, and tormented). On the other hand, destroyer and tormented weapons are expensive. Also, I’m not sure if I have to get 1 of each weapon (i.e., sword, axe, staff, bow, focus, etc) to meet the full criteria or if I can get 3x staff, scepter, focus, and fill the other 6 with whatever. That’d be nice to clarify.

That’s it for now. I’m not sure when I’ll be in game again next but I’ll keep updating on my HoM progress. I’ll take any advice anyone is willing to provide and any in-game help (and gifts!) as well.