Lots of news this week about betas. In a post by ANet talking about Pre-Purchasing, we learned that all pre-purchase orders (digital, deluxe, and collector’s editions) come with three perks: a Hero’s Band in-game item, 3 days headstart access pre-launch, and access to all beta weekend events.

I’m going to skip over all the perks you get with each edition. They’re listed in the link above and people all across the community have been talking about them. Hit up GW2Guru or Hunter’s blog for ongoing discussions.


That being said, let’s get on to my discussion of hypotheticals.

I plan to talk about betas (in this post!). I’ve never been involved in one and I’m unfamiliar with the whole “non-disclosure agreement; NDA” thing. My understanding is that it is pretty much just like the first two rules of fight club. I won’t say that I am or am not a part of the upcoming beta:

Yes, beta invitations have begun going out. They’ll be sent out over the next few days. Please remember that discussing the beta in any way, shape, or form — including your status in it — is a breach of NDA. Don’t risk your beta access! ~RB2

But I will say that I will be pre-purchasing my copy to get access.

If I do get into a beta, and once I understand the NDA, and after said NDA is lifted, I plan to post here about my experience. I’ll be honest: if you’re looking for technical stuff, look elsewhere. I plan to write more about my personal experiences, what I learned about my characters, and topics that interest me. It is, afterall, my blog. There are plenty of places to find technical information about the game. I recommend keeping an eye on the GW2Wiki and GW2Guru for updated information.

I have been toying around with character names. I see beta as an opportunity to try out things that I prolly wouldn’t do in the game itself. Things like combining race/professions that I won’t be doing in the actual game (e.g., asura warrior and sylvari guardian). I also get to play with alternate characters that didn’t make the cut for the full game, like both my charr and asura engineers and the aforementioned asura warrior. Finally, I can make fun character names that have nothing to do with role-playing or character stories (see list below).

I also see beta as an opportunity to really give PvP a go. Historically, PvP hasn’t really been my thing. I like the story modes of FPS better than PvP unless I’m playing with friends in the room. I got a lot of mileage out of Alliance Battles in GW1 and the idea of WvW is very interesting to me.

I also like to explore and find most out of reach areas and take screenshots. I’m not sure what NDAs say about screenies and videos (the latter I would have to learn how to do anyway), but that’s what I plan to do after release anyway. And I’m absolutely giddy about the jumping puzzles and skill challenges.

Finally, I think I would spend a lot of time in the character creation screen tinkering with my character appearance. I like the newer videos that have come up showing more and more options. I’m eager to see what developments have been made with the asura and sylviari as well. What can I say, I’m a gamer. I spend a lot of time making and tinkering with my characters.

So, in the event that I do get into a GW2 beta, sometime, somewhere, or somehow; I won’t be posting about it until after the NDA lifts. But, if you see any of the following in-game names running around, it is likely one of them is bound to be me.


  • Male – Some form of Harry Dresden. I love those books.
  • Female – Nicha Pi’Ren. This is my character from the Neverwinter Nights games.


  • Male – Some form of “Arrakk”. A D&D gnome character from years ago. He didn’t make the cut for my 8 characters in GW2, but he is a character in Belzan’s story.
  • Female – The Surly Goblin. I once made beer in my garage. This was the name of my “brand.” My wife even made a cute picture for the bottles.


  • Male – Clutch Geargrinder. Iron Legion engineer.
  • Female – Feyr Soulmonger. I once had a charr necro in the mix of characters.


  • Male – Onion Knight. Guardian character. Final Fantasy.
  • Female – Aurora (from Dresden Files) or something involving butterflies and/or the word “lepidopterous” (planning on a mesmer character if you didn’t already put that together).


  • Male – Icefalcon. This is a character from Barbara Hambly’s Darwath Trilogy. He had his own book after trilogy as well.
  • I’m also likely to make my kegbrawl starJegg “Legs” Edgarson
  • Female – Gelda. Gonna make me an earth ele.