I purchased my copy of GW2 today. It is no longer a promise (a sweet, sweet promise at that), but is in fact a reality. I went for the digital deluxe. The collector’s edition didn’t have anything I considered worth the extra cash, but I’m happy to pitch in an extra $20 for the elite and a few consumables (mostly for the elite). Besides, all of the CEs are prolly all sold out by now.

The countdown to the first beta event begins. This will be my first ever beta, so I really don’t know what to expect. I have been playing around with character names for fun and I might opt for themes, such as “characters from x book, y movie, or z game.” I’m very excited.

In the mean time, I need to work on GW1. I still have my HoM to finish and a couple more titles to grab. If anyone wants to donate any war supplies, sweets, party items, or zkeys to my cause, I’ll be much obliged (IGN: Belzan Furu). I am almost finished gathering my ectoes at the moment and will soon have my monument of resilience finished. I also have all of Winds of Change to finish. I should be able to find a weekend to knock out all of WoC and hopefully get some coin to put a dent in  my other achievements.

For now, I’ll sit and wait for the GW2 perks to kick in. Should get access to the client soon and I already have a beta forum account (I’m sure this “Name + 4 digits” thing has a purpose, but it just seems silly to me).