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My beta experience has been less than satisfactory. In a 72 hour beta period, I have been able to play about 1 hour. I have logged in over 100 times. Like many people, I’m experiencing crash after crash after crash.

After crash.

Character creation works just fine, so I have done lots of that. I’ve also made it through the tutorial for each race and killed some critters, but that’s as far as I got. I was logged in for between <1 minute to ~10 minutes. I enjoyed what I played, but I want to play more. The most play time I have had so far has been with my elementalist. I did my best to create Harry Dresden as a norn and made him into a fire ele. I had some fun, but it was frequently short-lived.

ANet’s been pretty good about working on crashing issues, but mine haven’t been resolved, sadly. It’s beta though, so I expected to encounter problems.

That being said, I want to take a minute to rant at those people who are whining about beta…

Seriously folks. It’s beta. You haven’t wasted your money if beta has problems. It’s beta. It’s going to have problems. Are there more issues than expected? Perhaps. But you didn’t pre-purchase the beta, you pre-purchased the game. If the game comes out and has these problems, then you can complain. Until then, learn some patience or find another game.

So yeah, I plan on kicking ass and taking names in future betas. For now, I’ll peruse the videos and pics on the new GW2guru and read the beta forums.

Belzan in BWE1