I added a couple more links to my blogroll today. Both were also highlighted by ANet recently. Here’s a quick blurb about both and why you should check them out.

Chronicles of Tyria (click!)

A blog after my own heart. CoT seeks to do globally what I do here on my own: Tell Stories. It looks to be a nice place to write and share fan fiction, character stories, and just talk about the avatar you will be devoting lots and lots of your personal time on. I intend to take part in CoT’s mission, but I haven’t totally decided if I will post Belzan stuff there. It will certainly be an outlet for at least one of my characters. That just gave me another nifty idea… Put a pin in that one for later 🙂

Adventure Awaits (click!)

The blog of Ameranth, who is also this Ameranth, and of no relation to this Amaranth. The inclusion of Ameranth as an NPC in GW2 is just plain cool, but not nearly as cool as the original story of walking from Maine to California with a very cute dog. The story is quite inspirational and epic. I would like to do something equally epic, but for now I’ll have to settle on more academic achievements and training for an eventual marathon.

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as you do mine. I am of the opinion that a blog is a place to tell a story. Some are epic. Some are fun and curious. Some are more for yourself than for others. Whatever the case, find a blog or two (or a dozen) you like and subscribe. Feel free to start with mine 🙂