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I took some screenies from the last BWE. I made Belzan pre-asura and post-asura. The latter is the character I’ll play, but I wanted to also make him in GW2 as a necro. Both pics are below. The asura version is of course subject to change, but the human version is simply a representation of him before he took Arrakk’s body.

Belzan: GW2 Necro

Belzan the asuran elementalist

I had less time to play this last BWE than I thought, so I spent much of that time with the character creation process. I decided to go ahead and make all my characters. I liked playing with the bioluminescence of the sylvari. Also, I made some changes to some of my characters as a result of playing with the character creator.

I will stick with 8 characters after all (instead of 10). I don’t need a second engineer (my norn female) and I wasn’t terribly excited with the female charr. Also, I was very excited about female asura, so I decided to mix and match. Rather than have either my charr thief or my asura ranger (second ranger), I am opting for a female asura thief. Her name is Nicha and I’ll write a story for her later when I have some free time.

I also really enjoyed playing a warrior over the weekend. I was surprised by this, to be honest. I was never impressed by the tank role and every time I played a warrior, this is what people expected of me. I had so much fun playing Belzan as a N/W Meleemancer. I like the up close and personal nature of the warrior in GW2 and there are so many options as far as the weapons. It was a lot of fun and I didn’t even get to unlock all the weapons.

I hope everyone else had fun with the BWE. I unfortunately have a laptop with a subpar graphics chipset, so it was kind of shaky, even running on the lowest setting (still a great improvement over crash-mageddon from BWE1). Jumping puzzles were fun, but also maddening.

I’m looking forward to playing for reals very soon. There might be a delay for personal reasons (I’m months from graduating with my PsyD and I must finish my dissertation and find a job ASAP), but I will make all my characters and play a bit before launch (headstart FTW!)