About this Blog


–noun: a person, usually without a permanent home, who wanders from place to place; nomad. (from dictionary.com)

Belzan is almost always on the move and rarely settles down in a place for long. He has seen much of Tyria in his travels. Read more about Belzan here and here.


Blog History


This blog has served many purposes over the years. I used it originally as a place to post my character stories and in game progress. I wrote about builds and vented about the auction system (or lack thereof). For the most part it was my outlet to talk about both my main character Belzan and Guild Wars in general. It was largely neglected for over a year due to graduate school.


As Guild Wars 2 nears, and it so happens that I have a bit more free time available in my life these days, I will be posting a bit more regularly (which is a relative term, let’s be honest). My goal for this blog is to provide a place for me to talk about GW, share my experiences, and write fiction. Belzan’s story is written in its current form as Chronicles of the Eremite. I’m not sure I’ll continue to write that story. Instead, I plan to re-write Belzan’s general story so that it better connects to GW2.

Contact information:

You can reach me via email at belzanfuru at gmail dot com

My in game name is: Belzan Furu

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