Chapter II

Originally published on Guild Wars Vault on 2007-09-10

The Knight of Istan

One must be mindful of life’s obligations and goals, have the guts to admit mistakes and the sense to learn from them.
– Kail Braegoren


Kail Braegoren was born in a small fishing village in Northern Zehlon Reach in Istan. His father, Jasper, and mother, Kahli, were both well known and respected Sunspears; and, as was to be expected, Kail grew up to become a Sunspear. As Kail reached adolescence, his father was crippled in battle and forced to leave the order. Kail’s mother remained in the order and quickly grew in reputation for having one of the fastest ships in the water. Despite his father’s disability, Jasper taught Kail how to fight with grace in battle and of the importance of using a shield. “This shield,” his father said, “is all that kept those Corsairs from killing me outright.” Kail took those words to heart and always trained with a shield strapped to his left arm.

Kail rose in the ranks of the Sunspears and gained much prestige. He eventually took up the responsibility of training new recruits and prided himself in the ability of every new group. But the Sunspears weren’t what Kail was looking for. Jasper told Kail many stories of far off lands and Kahli brought back trinkets as proof. Kail enjoyed the stories about valiant Knights in shining armor the most. While he understood the importance of the Sunspears and what they stood for, they did not have a code to live by which was one major flaw in his opinion. Kail’s curiosity got the better of him, and he decided to resign from his duties in the Sunspears to seek fame in another land. Jasper respected his son’s decision and helped him prepare for his journey, though he was sad that Kail would not surpass him in rank. Kahli personally sailed him to the land of Orr where he would begin his quest to become a knight.

In Arah, the capital city of Orr, Kail learned much about history and the five Gods; but little about valor or truth. A merchant introduced him to a man of the Lionguard, a fighting force in Kryta not unlike the Sunspears, who talked with Kail about the group and explained that, while first a member of the Lionguard, many men uphold their own personal code. Intrigued, Kail boarded the first ship to travel the Bay of Sirens to the port city of Lion’s Arch. Unfortunately; the ship would never reach the city. A storm struck suddenly and rocked the boat, capsizing it not long after it set sail. Kail awoke in a cave to find a woman stoking a small fire.

The two were the only survivors of the shipwreck. Kail hunted local game to feed them and the woman, who introduced herself as Lavian Furu of Arah, cooked the meals. They kept each other company and began to head northeast toward Ascalon at the behest of Lavian. She had business with a man she knew only as Sir Tydus. Lavian was on a quest to provide the Ascalons with the alchemical formula, what her father called a recipe, to craft signets of resurrection to aid in the battles against the rising force of the Charr in the Northlands. Kail pledged to protect Lavian along her quest as thanks for having saved him from the shipwreck.

Months passed and the winter was harsh in Wizard’s Folly. As spring broke, the two weary adventurers found themselves at Foible’s Fair and shortly thereafter in Ascalon City. Tydus was expecting Lavian and was very happy to see her arrive safely. He was saddened to hear of Belenos’s passing but eager to help Lavian get started crafting signets for the soldiers. Kail and Lavian stayed in Ascalon City through the end of summer. During that time Lavian taught a young priestess of Dwayna named Lina the secrets to alchemically crafting Signets of Resurrection. With Lina’s help, much of the Ascalonian Army was equipped with the signets, helping to turn the tide against the first waves of the Charr. During that time, Kail assisted Tydus in the Guild Wars and headed a few scouting missions to the Northlands to assess the threat of the beasts of fire.

Lionguard Kail Braegoren
Lionguard Kail Braegoren
(picture by Belzan Furu)

As the leaves began to turn, Kail and Lavian said their goodbyes to Ascalon and headed west with a caravan to Lion’s Arch. It just so happened that Kail and Lavian were headed in the same direction. In the months that followed the two became close friends. Kail shared with her stories of the Sunspears, the land of Elona and of his mother’s grand ship Zandaras. Lavian told the story of her father Belenos, the great Alchemist of Arah and what he stood for. As the two approached the great port city of Lion’s Arch, sadness fell over them. It was time for them to part ways—Kail to the Lionguard and Lavian to finish her father’s quest and then to the Temple of Ages to become a high priestess of Dwayna.

The bond they shared was more than friends, but it was completely unspoken. Lavian was devoted to the Goddess of Light and Kail to his code of honor. Despite their devotions, on the eve of Lavian’s departure to the Temple of Ages the two shared each other’s company. When Kail awoke the next morning, Lavian was gone. Kail was accepted into the Lionguard and Lavian into the priesthood of Dwayna.

Less than a year later, Lavian gave birth to a baby boy.

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