In Danger

Originally published on Guild Wars Vault on 2007-10-12

In Danger

Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.
– William James

Lavian’s time in the village was brief, lasting just over a month. She got to know everyone in the village by name and learned all about their lives. She could see herself living in the little village, being a part of the familial community, if it weren’t for her son. Belzan’s birthmark-his scar-would inevitably draw the attention of the Church of Grenth and Lavian didn’t want to burden down upon such humble people. After speaking in confidence with Elder Rabne, he agreed and told her of a safer place to the east called Beetletun. Elder Rabne arranged with Elder Hezron to have a place for her to stay there, and Zue’s father offered to escort her to the town. In addition, Elder Rabne sent word to Lion’s Arch to inform Kail of the birth of his son and where Lavian would be living.

After saying their goodbyes, Lavian set off east toward Beetletun. Zue’s father informed her that it would take about two days to reach the town. Most of the trip was awkward. The man was polite enough, but he seemed to be very focused on something outside of the simple trip. When Lavian pried, he would respond that he worries often about his family and about the village, but he was clearly hiding something. Lavian didn’t push the issue as she too was hiding something.

The two set up camp as the sun set and Lavian walked off, with Belzan hanging from her shoulders, to fetch water from a nearby stream. Something startled her as it rustled in the bush. As she looked into the bush, she saw nothing and went about her task, but then the noise came again, this time from a different place. As she looked around she saw nothing, but it was clear to her that something wasn’t right. Quickly fetching the water she made her way back to camp only to be confronted by something she’d never seen before.

The creature smelled of rot and decay and blocked her path back to the camp. It stood about as tall as she and swayed mindlessly back and forth holding its position. Out of the corner of her eye, Lavian could see more of them-she was surrounded. Just past, the creature in front of her stood a short, gaunt man. He held in his clutches a staff made of bone and he looked directly into her soul.

Minions of Grenth
Minions of Grenth
(picture courtesy of Guild Wars Official Wiki)

“I have come for the child, Spell-beggar.” The man spoke, in a harsh, whispered tone. “Grenth has plans for him. Lay him at your feet and walk away. If you do not comply, I will take great pleasure in removing him forcefully from your breast.”

“I’m not afraid of you necromancer. This child is mine. Grenth will not have him. He will grow to learn the ways of Dwayna; he will not be swayed by the powers of the dark arts.”

The necromancer smiled. “All Children of Grenth have power, Spell-beggar, power which you cannot comprehend. He will be taught how to wield it and serve Grenth. He will not be swayed by the lies of your pitiful Goddess. I grow tired of your hesitation and proselytizing, give me the child.”

“Never! He is my child, not Grenth’s, and neither you, nor anyone else, will take him from me!”

Again the necromancer smiled. Lifting his staff slightly, he motioned for his minions to advance, but they didn’t get very far. With a burst of light, Lavian smited them and watched as they fell the ground in piles of ash and bone. The necromancer grew angry; his stance changed to one of offense, but was quickly cut short, for his world became fire. Behind him stood Lavian’s guide wielding a fiery staff and casting spells at his foe. The necromancer ran howling into the woods and would not be seen again.

Lavian and Zue’s father said their goodbyes shortly after arriving in Beetletun. He introduced her to Elder Hezron, wished her well, and quickly left town as if he had pressing business to attend to. Lavian settled into a small cottage and began to feel safe. She assumed her usual role in the town as Hospitaler and associated with the two other clergy of Dwayna in the town. Winter would soon be coming soon, and then a year would pass, and another. It was a full seven years before Kail arrived in Beetletun to meet his son.

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