Belzan the Vagabond

New body. New skills. Gathering knowledge, building a reputation, seeking a krewe, and dodging the advances of the Inquest.

Full Name: Belzan Arrakk (current Belzan)
Nicknames: The Vagabond, Bel, Furu, Bookah, the Eremite, Chosen of Grenth, Sparky, Teacup Tempest

Race: Male Asura (originally Elonian human)
Profession: Elementalist
Personality: Varies, primarily Dignity
Crafting Discipline: Artificer

GW2 Biography:

I am a member of the college of Synergetics. As members of the College of Synergetics, we study how energy patterns form and alchemagical fractals propagate. Few beyond our college understand the philosophical and mystical complexities of our interests. We devoutly research the true nature of the Eternal Alchemy. My first creation was a Transatmospheric Converter. What unmitigated joy to be able to change the weather at my whim! If only the prototype had been more powerful. Nevertheless, the design was cutting-edge. My transatmospheric converter was a masterpiece of utter genius. I wish I’d had more funding. My first advisor, the one who taught me almost everything I know (almost), was Bronk. Good ol’ Master Bronk taught me the benefits of superior firepower. He liked to say, “When it comes to besting the enemy, there’s no such thing as overkill.” I study all the elements, but I wear a circlet that symbolizes my love of Air. Air is the source of all life. It is invisible, and yet it can destroy whole villages.


Durmand Priory
The Archivists’ Sanctum
Order of Bahamut

Favored Weapon(s):

Primary: Staff
Secondary: Dagger/Dagger

Favorite Utility Skill(type): Glyphs

Favorite Racial Skill:

Builds (in order of preference):

Strength of Will: Fire 15, Air 15, Earth 15, Water 15, Arcane Power 10
Arcane Tempest: Arcane Power 30, Air 30, Earth 10
Pressure Cooker: Fire 30, Earth 30, Arcane Power 10
Stormbringer: Air 30, Water 30, Arcane Power 10

Full Biography:

Belzan is a bit of a legend. The confusing part is the legend itself. Nearly everyone who has heard of him has their own story and those who have met him only add to the confusion. The truth is that Belzan is dead. Actually, that still makes it complicated.

Belzan was born in 436 AE in the village of Kamadan in Elona. That makes him almost 890 years old. Belzan’s body is dead, but his mind and soul are still around. His mastery of necromancy in his first life afforded him the ability to exchange bodies with people. He is currently in his 32nd incarnation–that of the asura Belzan Arrakk.

Arrakk was a golemancer. It was said his skill rivaled that of the great Oola. It was Belzan who said that, having known Oola personally. Arrakk was a shrewd and practical asura, even among the asura. He was also in trouble and looking for a way out. In an effort to escape the Inquest, he asked Belzan to assist in shifting his soul into one of his golems–a process that required the combined expertise of the great necromancer and the skilled golemancer. The transfer was successful and Arrakk took his first steps in his upgraded body.

Belzan, of course, did not let Arrakk’s body go to waste. He assumed Arrakk’s form and for the first time began to experience the world as the enigmatic asura. His study of the Eternal Alchemy would progress much more quickly in his current body and he found inside Arrakk an untapped magical talent for destruction (the principle school of magic studied by elementalists).

And so, Belzan enrolled in the college of Synergetics and studied under Master Bronk–Arrakk’s old master, thus beginning his 32nd life. There was still one little problem: Arrakk never settled his debts with the Inquest…

This is my story…

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