Maerwynn the Apprentice

Newborn sylvari curious about life and death. Apprentice to a great necromancer of old. Believes herself to be a necessary evil in the fight against Zhaitan.

Full Name: Maerwynn Amaranth
Nicknames: Mara, Mae (pronounced “may”), Winnie, She Who Lies Bleeding

Race: Female Sylvari
Profession: Necromancer
Personality: Charm and Ferocity
Crafting Discipline: Tailor

GW2 Biography:

I dreamed of a quest that calls me to action. It was a vision of the White StagThe White Stag is a creature of enchantment, an immortal beast with great power. It is said that the stag will trade a magical boon for its freedom, if I can catch it. I believe that the most important of Ventari’s teachings is “Act with wisdom, but act.” It is one thing to know what is right and another to change the world. We all have a calling. I will distinguish myself through my actions and thereby lift Tyria to a higher state of nobility. The Pale Tree awakened me during the Cycle of Dusk. Sylvari awakened at dusk are naturally curious and thoughtful. We love to learn and spend time reading and studying. We are intelligent and drawn toward the luscious complexities of magic. A necromancer’s closest companion is death. In acknowledgement of this, I mark my face with the symbol of a Skull. I respect the traditions of necromancers that have gone before me. I mark my face with the symbol of a skull to remind me that even the greatest die eventually.



Favored Weapon(s):

Primary: Dagger/Dagger
Secondary: Axe/Warhorn
Tertiary: Staff

Favorite Utility Skill(type): Minions

Favorite Racial Skill:

Builds (in order of preference):

Minion Monster: Death Magic 30, Blood Magic 20, Spite 10, Curses 10
Love Lies Bleeding: Blood Magic 30, Spite 20, Curses 10, Death Magic 10
Death Shroud: Soul Reaping 30, Curses 20, Spite 10, Death Magic 10
Plague Carrier: Spite 30, Curses 30, Soul Reaping 10

Full Biography:

Mara is still a child. She is a newborn sylvari and is curious about life…and death. Many of her dreams were filled with scenes of death and undeath and of the great dragon Zhaitan. She recognizes the beast for what it is–a blight on Tyria–and has begun to learn necromancy to truly understand it.

While still young, Mara is not naïve. She has a foundation of magical talent and has sought out and found a master to teach her the nuances of the school of aggression. She seeks knowledge and power in an effort to identify a weakness in the great dragon and exploit it.

Mara is the apprentice of Belzan. She is overly curious and has little regard for safety in her studies–hers or anyone else’s. She has a knack for creating minions, which Belzan attributes to her connection with Pale Tree. She is also fond of blood magic and disease. At any given time she has just as many experiments going on as the average asura, except that hers typically involve pain, malice, suffering, and eventually death. Mara has a particular interest in experimenting on “evil” creatures, such as krait, skritt, and dredge. She lives her life in a morally dark grey area, though she is more curious and inquisitive than truly malicious. She is, after all, a newborn.

Mara is also curious about humans. Having learned much about them from the Pale Tree, she seeks to learn more about their society and culture. She has made a few friends in Divinity’s Reach and has taken up tailoring her own clothing. Many hours not spent raising minions and comparing the effects of poison versus bleeding are instead spent knitting, sewing, and making quite fashionable clothing that is all the rage in the human city.

This is my story…

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