Ronixis the Commander

Descendant of Blaze Bloodbane. Blood Legion Centurion and leader of the True Warband. Leader of The Mettle. His voice bellows louder than any other and those who hear him follow.

Full Name: Ronixis Truemettle
Nicknames: Truth, Commander, Dragonbane, Furry Zealot

Race: Male Charr
Profession: Guardian
Personality: Dignity and Ferocity
Crafting Discipline: Armorsmith

GW2 Biography:

I am proud to be a Blood Legion soldier. I am Blood Legion. I charge straight into battle. The Blood Legion pushes to the front line in any combat. We’re powerful and bold, and none can match our prowess on the field. I would die for my warband, especially Euryale, my sparring partner. Euryale, our elementalist, is the most loyal soldier in the warband. She’s also stubborn, bad-tempered and protective – but at least she’s honest. She stands by me, and I trust her with my life. They tell me the soldier that sired me is a Loyal Soldier. I’ve heard my sire’s name spoken with reverence ever since I was a cub in the fahrar. I plan to live up to his reputation – or exceed it. As a symbol of my dedication, I wear a Conqueror’s Pauldrons. A famed hero returning from battle stopped and gave me his pauldrons. Ever since, I’ve worn them as my own, and I make every attempt to live up to his legend. I too will be a conqueror.


The Mettle

Favored Weapon(s):

Primary: Staff
Secondary: Scepter/Torch
Tertiary: Mace/Shield

Favorite Utility Skill(type): Merciful Intervention

Favorite Racial Skill:

Builds (in order of preference):

Commander: Honor 30, Virtues 20, Zeal 10, Valor 10
Righteous Ignition: Virtue 30, Radiance 30, Honor 10
Cowardly Lion: Zeal 30, Radiance 10, Valor 10, Honor 10, Virtues 10 

Full Biography:

Ronixis can trace his bloodline back to Blaze Bloodbane during the time of the Searing when the charr rained fire down upon the humans of Ascalon. He has earned the respect of many proud and strong charr soldiers over the years, including his sire and Bangar Ruinbringer, the Blood Legion imperator. Ronixis is a born leader and quickly took up leadership in his fahrar.

The True Warband is best known for their fierce loyalty and combat tactics. Each member works equally well with every other member and they are exceptionally skilled at making quick work of enemies through tactical advantage and surgical strikes. As their prowess grew, so did their leader. Ronixis raised in rank up to centurion and led his warband and others into battle in the Dragonbrand against Kralkatorrik’s minions to great success.

But the duties of the Blood Legion were not enough for Ronixis. Following in the pawprints of Almorra Soulkeeper, he joined the Vigil and brought with him any of his warband who would follow. Ronixis established a guild within the Vigil, which he named “The Mettle” and began to train soldiers in tactical warfare against the minions of the elder dragons–Kralkatorrik in particular. The Mettle has been given great flexibility and trust to act as an independent tactical body within the Vigil. And, much like the True Warband which swelled the ranks of the guild when it was established, its members are fiercely loyal to the cause. Ronixis remains a Blood Legion Centurion and his loyalties to the legion are unwavering. He works with the permission of his imperator to lead sympathetic warbands and reclaim the Dragonbrand by force.

The Mettle went through many changes in their first year. Despite outcries of the guild, which was almost exclusively Blood Legion, Ronixis mixed the legions and allowed Iron and Ash Legion charr to join the Mettle, under the orders that they would be loyal to the guild and work together with charr of other legions. Much to the chagrin of some of its members, Ronixis also began to allow non-charr races to join the Mettle. He reasoned that the charr alone would not be able to stop the elder dragons, despite their clearly superior military training and battle prowess, and that any member who could offer additional skill and tactical knowledge would benefit the group as a whole. Those members of other races who proved their mettle, as it were, were permitted entrance into the guild and trained alongside its members. Ronixis earned additional ire when he allowed gladium to join. About membership, he eventually decreed the following:

Any member of the Vigil, be they charr, human, norn, sylvari, or asura, may petition to join the Mettle. To test their mettle they must defeat in single combat, by any means available to them, two current members of the guild: one of their choosing and one of the guild’s choosing. Success grants full membership and access to guild benefits and training.

Today the Mettle functions as an elite strike force for the Vigil, led by Ronixis. Members function independently or in small groups seeking out and destroying any signs of the elder dragons and their minions. They are often assigned tasks by Ronixis or other Vigil leaders, such as Almorra. Rarely does the guild come together in its entirety unless there is a foe worthy of their attention. The last such event occurred when the Shatterer came to the Dragonbrand in response to the guild’s efforts to stamp out Kralkatorrik’s influence. What a glorious battle that was.

This is my story…

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