Tiny the Weapon Master

Ulfgarson. Untested Norn. Mastering the weapons once wielded by his family against the elder dragon Jormag. 

Full Name: Ulfgar “Tiny” Stålbror
Nicknames: Tiny, Gentle Giant, Ulfgar the Great, Ulfgarson

Race: Male Norn
Profession: Warrior
Personality: Dignity
Crafting Discipline: Weaponsmith

GW2 Biography:

The most important quality of a great hero is Cunning. It takes guile to outwit an enemy with legendary style. Mental prowess keeps a hunter one step ahead at all times. At a recent celebratory moot held in Hoelbrak, I got in a fight. I’ve had a rival ever since I was young. He’s intelligent, treacherous, and cunning. I lost our last duel, but next time we meet, I will even the score. When I was still a cub, I had a vision. A Spirit of the Wild spoke to me and offered its guardianship. That spirit was Raven. Raven, clever and wise, guides us with truths that others fear. He bestows a far-seeing clarity of mind. In my visions he spoke of riddles and opened my eyes to secrets that few others can see. I wear no helm at all on the battlefield. Because of this I am recognized and given proper respect. A true warrior doesn’t need a helmet. My enemies will cringe and falter when they see the fearless determination on my face. 



Favored Weapon(s):

Primary: Sword/Shield
Secondary: Hammer
Tertiary: Axe/Axe
Quadrinary: Mace/Mace

Favorite Utility Skill(type): Bull’s Charge

Favorite Racial Skill:

Builds (in order of preference):

Limit Break: Discipline 30, Strength 10, Arms 10, Defense 10, Tactics 10 
Weaponmaster: Strength 15, Arms 15, Defense 15, Tactics 15, Discipline 10
Wounded Warrior: Arms 30, Defense 20, Discipline 20
Heavy Hitter: Strength 30, Defense 30, Discipline 10

Full Biography:

Ulfgar Stålbror had eight sons and named all of them Ulfgar. The eldest son was the tallest and strongest of the eight, so the family called him Ulfgar. All of the other sons got nicknames: Swift, Ursa, Paws, Surefoot, Olaf, Mead, and the runt: Tiny. Like many norn, Ulfgar sought to carry on his name and his legend through his sons and their actions. Ever practical, he chose to name all his sons after himself, instead of simply his firstborn.

“Tiny,” as his brothers called him, was the youngest and shortest of Ulfgar’s sons. While his brothers each sought to master a weapon, he spent much of his time learning to craft them instead. He of course trained with his brothers and became familiar with each of their weapons and styles as he was often called to spar with them.

Tiny’s father, mother, and eldest brother died in an epic battle with one of Jormag’s champions. The few survivors who fled brought back the weapons of the slain–Ulfgar senior’s shield, Ailia’s (Tiny’s mother) warhorn, and the eldest son Ulfgar’s massive hammer. Tiny repaired each weapon, cleaned them, and displayed them prominently in the family’s home.

As is norn tradition, each norn must prove him- or herself through a great quest or battle as they come of age. Year after year, one by one, Tiny’s brothers sought to avenge their family by striking down the minions and followers and worshipers of Jormag. And one by one they died trying.

Swift made headway using his longbow to pick off the icy minions from a distance, but was ultimately overwhelmed by their numbers. Ursa had the support of Bear behind him and slew hundreds of Jormag’s minions with his greatsword before he succumbed to a poison arrow from a Son of Svanir bow. Paws and Surefoot were both favored by Snow Leopard and murdered dozens of Sons of Svanir in their sleep.  It is said their last stand ended atop a pile of icebrood somewhere deep in the Shiverpeaks. The winter was so heavy that year that they could be identified only by Paws’s sword and Surefoot’s axe.

Olaf came the closest to vengeance. He led a pack of norn blessed by Wolf deep into the Shiverpeaks tracking Jormag’s champion. The pack saw the great champion and approached it with confidence, trapping it in a large cave. It is unknown what happened but the norn who found Olaf’s rifle tells of a great battle that scarred the very cave walls and collapsed the roof. It is believed the pack killed hundreds of icebrood before the cave collapsed upon them.

Mead was perhaps the least successful of the brothers. Rather than chase the great white dragon as his brothers had, he fought a grand battle with a wurm to prove his right of passage. That very night, he celebrated by getting incredibly drunk, picking a fight with a Son of Svanir, caving in his skull with his mace, and being beaten to death by the rest of the Sons in the alehouse.

Tiny was left alone with a wall full of weapons and no one to tell his stories to. The day came to prove himself and he chose instead to drink himself into a stupor. He drew the attention of a young human woman who had never seen a norn cry. She poured him an ale and asked him to tell her a story about the great Ulfgar.

Tiny and the human woman named Alde grew close and he drew from her strength and resolve. He renewed his faith in Raven and vowed to pick up where his family left off. He would take the weapons his brothers, father, and mother left behind and he would master them all as they once had. He would use those weapons to strike down the enemies of the norn. He would make a name for himself and his family and he would destroy those who allied themselves with the elder dragons–especially Jormag.

And so Tiny set off on his self-appointed quest–his right of passage. He would seek out masters to hone his form and skills. He would master all of his family’s weapons and he would ally with those in the great hunt for the elder dragons with Molly (Alde) by his side.

This is my story…

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