Molly the Harlequin

Adopted noble in search of her birth family. Spying and masquerading and living false lives. Finding strength in companionship.

Full Name: Minalde “Molly” Quinlan
Nicknames: Molly, Alde, Minnie, Mimi, Lady Lenore

Race: Female Human
Profession: Mesmer
Personality: Dignity and Charm
Crafting Discipline: Jewelcrafter

GW2 Biography:

I was raised among the nobility. I grew up among the nobles, including my friend Lord Faren, who can trace their ancestry back to ancient kings. I received an excellent education, am well versed in courtly graces, and understand the responsibility that comes with privilege. One of my biggest regrets is that I’ve never searched for my true parents. When I was an infant, I was abandoned at an orphanage. A kind couple adopted me and became my family. However, I’ve always wondered about my real parents. Everyone said I was blessed by Lyssa when I was young. Lyssa wears many masks. She is the dual-faced goddess of beauty, water and illusion. She is the patron of the most attractive and graceful among us. Her blessings have touched me all my life. A mesmer’s mask creates an image. I choose to look out from behind a Harlequin’s Smile. It takes bravery to face your fears and seize your victories. Never let them see you without a smile.


Order of Whispers

Favored Weapon(s):

Primary: Staff
Secondary: Sword/Sword
Tertiary: Scepter/Torch

Favorite Utility Skill(type): Fields

Favorite Racial Skill:

Builds (in order of preference):

Apocalypse: Chaos 30, Illusions 20, Domination 20
The Shatner: Domination 30, Illusions 30, Inspiration 10
Phantasmal Duelist: Inspiration 30, Dueling 30, Illusions 10

Full Biography:

Molly is a Quinlan. The Quinlans are a noble family whose line can be traced back to Ascalon and the time of the Searing. The sole survivor of the family was a young woman named Lenore who traveled west to Kryta and the Ascalon Settlement. She married a farmer and adopted dozens of homeless children whose families died in the Searing or were lost in trek across the harsh Shiverpeak Mountains. As the years passed and Kryta changed, Queen Salma took favor to Lenore and her growing family, reaffirming her nobility and establishing an orphanage in her honor.

While the movement of the world ultimately destroyed the Quinlan Home for Lost But Not Forgotten Children, the family continues the tradition of caring for wayward children. Each Quinlan noble adopts at least one child to care for as their own, raising the child as a noble and providing them a wealth of opportunities. Most of the families seek out a child who is magically talented to honor Lenore’s life as a mesmer and her longtime friendship with her teacher, Lady Althea.

Molly is the youngest of four daughters in the Quinlan family and is adopted. Unlike her siblings, she has considerable magical talent and an adventurer’s spirit. While she loves her family and enjoys the intricacies of noble life, she exhibits a wanderlust and frequently dons disguises to explore the city.

Her two most frequent disguises are Lady Lenore–a shrewd noblewoman who dresses lavishly and enjoys the company of older men who dote on her, and Minnie–a commoner who makes jewelry, tells stories, and travels Tyria. She has been approached by the Order of Whispers to run “errands” and is currently seeking membership.

Molly’s travels have led her all over Tyria, but she is most fond of the norn lands and the city of Rata Sum. She frequently dons different identities in her travels for fun and excitement and is known by a different name in each major city.

Molly has taken up a quest to find information about her birth parents and the orphanage where she was born. She knows she has a twin brother, but knows little about him. She is angry with her parents for not adopting her brother as well and does not accept their reassurances that they would have adopted both of them had they but known about him. Nowadays Molly spends more time away from home than entertaining nobles. Her parents would like her to date and marry like her sisters before her, but she would rather find her real parents.

Despite her parent’s wishes and the importance of her personal quest, Molly has fallen in love. During her time in Hoelbrak, where she goes by the name Alde, Molly met a norn named Ulfgar, who is something of an orphan himself. His family, one by one, died at the hands of Jormag’s creatures in search of glory. They have traveled together for more than a year seeing new lands and working odd jobs to get by. Molly continues in her quest to learn about her birth family and is close to gaining full membership in the Order of Whispers.

This is my story…

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