Nicha the Golemancer

Golemancer, Kleptomaniac, and Polyglot. She travels Tyria with her mini cryptolinguistic golem learning about other cultures and absconding with interesting items…you know, whatever she can get her hands on.

Full Name: Nicha
Nicknames: Spiker, Shade, Giant Slayer, Little Norn

Race: Female Asura
Profession: Thief
Personality: Ferocity
Crafting Discipline: Leatherworker

GW2 Biography:

I am a member of the college of DynamicsThe College of Dynamics produces gizmo-makers extraordinaire. Energy, enthusiasm, and boldness are our best qualities. We believe in leveraging the expendable nature of all things. If a prototype explodes, it isn’t a failure unless the lesson goes unlearned. My first creation was the VAL-A Golem Most golems are powerhouses, designed for warfare. They show absolutely no subtlety or originality of design. My golem was compact and efficient, and it had an unparalleled package of features. It revolutionized lab cleanup, and it mixed a great cocktail too. My first advisor, the one who taught me almost everything I know (almost), was ZingaMistress Zinga taught me that the best form of magic is good old-fashioned luck. She liked to say, “Planning ahead is for ninnies who think they can predict every possible outcome. The future is mutable! Go with the flow!” In my line of work, it’s important to understand the power of SubterfugeA mask draws attention, and an uncovered face allows people to identify you. I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd, and no one knows I was there.


Order of Whispers

Favored Weapon(s):

Primary: Dagger/Dagger
Secondary: Shortbow
Tertiary: Sword/Dagger

Favorite Utility Skill(type): Trick

Favorite Racial Skill:

Builds (in order of preference):

Skirmisher: Deadly Arts 20, Critical Strikes 20, Shadow Arts 15, Acrobatics 15
Cloak and Dagger: Critical Strikes 30, Shadow Arts 30, Acrobatics 10
Slow Death: Deadly Arts 30, Acrobatics 30, Trickery 10
Kleptomaniac: Trickery 30, Deadly Arts 20, Shadow Arts 20

Full Biography:

Nicha has little need for a golem that will fight her battles for her. She can more than handle herself in a fight. She gained the nickname “giant slayer” by besting 4 ogres single-handedly…that is, she had a broken arm at the time. She has even earned the nickname “Little Norn” by impressing the giants in a fighting tournament.

Her first and only invention was a miniature servitor golem that served as a universal translator and companion. She has since modified it multiple times with parts she has stolen, improving the AI and boosting its power. It follows her everywhere, keeps her company, teaches her new languages, and plays sentry when she is burgling.

Nicha has run afoul of the Inquest multiple times. They have tried unsuccessfully to recruit her. She has toyed with playing spy for the College of Dynamics, but enjoys her freedom too much and has yet to have an enticing enough offer to risk dealing with either the college or the Inquest. For now they continue their recruitment efforts and Nicha is content to pick their pockets and stab those who recruit too aggressively.

Nicha has her eyes set on becoming a member of the Order of Whispers. She has always been interested in traveling Tyria and learning the secrets of new cultures and races. The order seems a logical choice since they’ll pay her to do what she wants and won’t ask questions about her methods. She prefers not to meddle in the affairs of dragons and cares little about the Eternal Alchemy. Instead she seeks to live in the moment, taking what she wants from those who cannot hold onto it, and sleeping in a new place every night.

This is my story…

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