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So, Beetletun exists in GW2. I’m excited! It’s my hometown! Apparently it is due to some lord named Caudecus who is also responsible for the carnival in Divinity’s Reach. There isn’t much known about Beetletun yet, other than it is much bigger in GW2 than in GW1 and that it is the site of a dungeon in GW2.

Here are some pics and videos from Gamescom about Beetletun. I’m looking forward to visiting Beetletun in GW2. Enjoy.

Beetletun in GW1

Beetletun in GW2


Guild Wars 2 – Beetletun

No sound, but you get a good look at the town and surrounding environs.

Guild Wars 2 Live Ranger Demo (Gamescom 2010)

Izzy & Martin talk about Beetletun starting around 10:56 in this video. This is where Caudecus is mentioned.